• Image of October 30-November 5, 2017 (TBC) -Photography, Styling and Colour in Baja Mexico

Designers Collective's tours were created to offer an immersive and hands-on experience that combines design education and cultural exploration. Removing yourself from your normal surroundings can reawaken your senses; providing new avenues of inspiration and a boost in creative energy. Join like-minded professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and design aficionados on a visual vacation. Each tour will have a particular theme based on tour leaders and location.

This fall, the colours, the art, the rustic buildings and the margaritas will take us to Baja, California for 6 days and nights. We will learn to capture the beauty while learning photography techniques.

Designers Collective will be joined by a special reknowned photographer for 6 days in Baja, Mexico! Based in San Jose del Cabo, this tour will focus on thinking visually. Living in an increasingly visual world, improving our abilities to evaluate and engage with visual material is paramount.

With the meteoric rise of social media and the accessibility of cameras, images have become a universal language. In today's digital world, strong photography skills and social media go hand-in-hand. The right image can communicate-- in milliseconds-- the ethos of your brand, your aesthetic, and plant that seed of curiosity that leads viewers to explore more of your content and hit that all-important "like".

Effective and evocative imagery works both online and off (we've all picked up a book or magazine because it "captured" us right?).

During our sojourn in Baja, we are excited to have the guidance of a reknowned photographer (stay tuned for our announcement) who knows the ins and outs of composition, colour, and light. Regardless if you are focusing on print or online images, our photography workshops are great for beginners who are looking to pick up a new skill or experienced photographers who are keen to hone their craft. Over the course of the tour, everyone will develop their editorial eye and learn how to translate the fundamentals of photography to other types of displays.

Using the natural and architectural beauty of the Baja peninsula as our inspiration, we will cover topics from photography and composition to colour palettes and styling.

Some highlights of this tour include exploring San Jose del Cabo, visiting the artistic community of Todos Santos, as well as experiencing Dia de Muertos (Day of The Dead).

Our special guest, one of the most sought after photographers and stylists in Vancouver will draw from her years of industry experiences to lead our participants through photography-based workshops. This will be accompanied by activities and discussions, facilitated by Brooke and Tina of Designers Collective, which will focus on areas such as online presence, architecture, and design. (Never fear! There will also be plenty of opportunities for personal time and drinks by the pool…)

Bring your cameras and your sketchbooks and get ready to expand your visual capabilities and refresh your critical eye while being surrounded by the cultural tapestry of Baja!

Full itinerary coming soon.

more info please contact us at info@designerscollective.ca