• Image of November 1-7 , 2017 Baja Design Tour and Photography Workshop
  • Image of November 1-7 , 2017 Baja Design Tour and Photography Workshop
  • Image of November 1-7 , 2017 Baja Design Tour and Photography Workshop
  • Image of November 1-7 , 2017 Baja Design Tour and Photography Workshop
  • Image of November 1-7 , 2017 Baja Design Tour and Photography Workshop

Designers Collective's tours are made to offer an immersive and hands-on experience that combines design education and cultural exploration. Join like-minded professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and design aficionados on a trip that will initiate creativity and provide new skills for your creative practice.

From November 1-7, 2017 we will travel to Baja, California, Mexico to experience the colours, culture, architecture, and landscape of the southern Pacific coast. Using our surroundings as inspiration, we are hosting a multi-day photography workshop and open-format seminars on styling, social media, and the importance of imagery for your brand. All levels of experience are welcome-- we will focus on learning/mastering photography techniques for DSLR's (and smartphones!) as well as immersing ourselves in Baja culture.

The Baja tour is heavily focused on imagery and visual thinking. The right image can communicate-- in milliseconds-- the ethos of your brand, your aesthetic, and plant that seed of curiosity that leads viewers to explore more of your content, hit that all-important "like", or share your brand. Designers Collective will be joined by Heather Ross, renowned Vancouver-based photographer and stylist (and owner of the {natural eclectic} boutique on South Granville). She will draw from her years of industry experience to lead our participants through photography-based workshops—we will be looking at light, composition, colour, and how to utilize all the functions of a DSLR camera. Over the course of the tour, participants will learn how to capture a beautiful composition (without using “auto”) and see how the fundamentals of photography can be translated to other visual practices.

What do you get to look forward to?
-6 days and nights in San Jose del Cabo
-Experience the local traditions of Dia de los Muertos
-Day trips and guided tours in San Jose del Cabo, Pescadero, Cerritos Beach, and Todos Santos
-Experience the opening of the annual Cabo Art Walk
-Visit designer April Tidey, ex-Vancouverite and co-owner of local favourite Baja Beans Coffee Roasters
-Cooking lessons and farm tour at Flora Farms (an Instagram favourite!)
-A sampling of some of the best restaurants and Mezcal Tastings in San Jose del Cabo
-One-on-one and group instruction in photography, styling, and social media
-Experience the gorgeous, and varied, local landscape!

Why Photography?
With the meteoric rise of social media and the accessibility of cameras, images have become a universal language. In today's digital world, strong photography skills and social media go hand-in-hand. Effective and evocative imagery also has an impact offline-- we've all picked up a book or magazine because it "captured" us right?
Your images communicate so much about your brand or business and they are only as good as your tools and skillset. This is a great opportunity to learn how to take your own images and get the ‘look’ you want, or improve your photography skills under the guidance of a professional photographer and stylist. Tina, Brooke, and Heather will be guiding you through a series of workshops, field trips, and cultural experiences to get you thinking visually and creating beautiful imagery.

Why Baja?
The Baja Peninsuala is home to rich culture, beautiful landscape, and a visual crossroads of tradition and modernity. We will be able to experience classic Mexican architecture as well as learn about modern Mexican design; we will be able to see what is happening in contemporary art as well as see the local traditions of Dia de los Muertos. From world class dining and the ultimate farm-to-table experience to an array of visual culture, we plan to stimulate all your senses. San Jose del Cabo is located on the Pacific Coast and has a warm southern climate that provides the perfect conditions for tropical fruits and desert oases alike. Experience Mexico and design like never before.

$2740 CAN. ($2113 USD)

Full itinerary coming soon.

more info please contact us at info@designerscollective.ca